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Acrostichum aureum L.

Acrostichum aureum L.

ak-ro-STISH-um -- Greek: akros (terminal); stichos (a row) ... Dave's Botanary
AW-re-um -- golden ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: golden leather fern, mangrove fern, swamp fern • Bengali: হুদো hudo • Konkani: आंकूर aankur • Malayalam: മച്ചിൻതോൽ machchin-thol • Marathi: आंकूर aankur • Odia: ଖରଖରି kharakhari • Tamil: மின்னி minni

botanical names: Acrostichum aureum L. ... synonyms: Acrostichum guineense Gaudich. • Acrostichum inaequale Willd. • Chrysodium aureum (L.) Mett. • Chrysodium inaequale (Willd.) Fée • Chrysodium vulgare Fée ... status at GBIF
Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
golden leather fern
mangrove fern
swamp fern
~~~~~ BENGALI ~~~~~
হুদো hudo
~~~~~ KONKANI ~~~~~
आंकूर aankur
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
आंकूर aankur
  • name borrowed from Goan Konkani for want of name in Marathi for this plant
  • The Times of India
  • आंकूर aankur = sprout or shoot; esp. certain tender sproutings from the ground viewed as esculent ... A dictionary, Marathi and English by Molesworth, J. T. (James Thomas)
~~~~~ ODIA ~~~~~
ଖରଖରି kharakhari
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
மின்னி minni
~~~~~ x ~~~~~

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