Monday 14 December 2020

Dalbergia malabarica Prain

dal-BERG-ee-uh -- for Nils & Carl Dahlberg, Swedish botanist and officer, respectively ... Dave's Botanary
mal-uh-BAR-ih-kuh -- of or from the Malabar Coast, southern India ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: Malabar blackwood • Marathi: मलबारी शिंसवी malabari shinsavi

botanical names: Dalbergia malabarica Prain ... synonyms: Dalbergia tamarindifolia var. pubescens Baker ... GBIF
Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
Malabar blackwood
  • common name given for want of name
    this plant was first collected from Malabar region; blackwood is generic name for Dalbergia spp.
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
मलबारी शिंसवी malabari shinsavi
  • regional name given for want of name
    ... मलबारी malabari = of or from Malabar region; शिंसवी shinsavi = relating to the blackwood tree
~~~~~ x ~~~~~

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