Wednesday 15 September 2021

Aspidopterys cordata (B.Heyne ex Wall.) A.Juss.

Aspidopterys cordata (B.Heyne ex Wall.) A.Juss.

¿ as-pid-OP-ter-iss ? -- Greek: aspis (shield) and pteron (wing), alluding to the winged carpel ... Hand Book Of The Indian Flora Vol I
kor-DAY-tuh -- heart-shaped, referring to leaves ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: heart-leaved aspidopterys • Gujarati: ઘાટીવેલ ghativel • Marathi: बोकडवेल bokadvel, माकडवेल makadvel, श्रीवेल shri-vel • Telugu: ఎరికత erikata

botanical names: Aspidopterys cordata (B.Heyne ex Wall.) A.Juss. ... synonyms: Aspidopterys cordata var. vermae R.C.Srivast. & N.P.Balakr. • Hiraea cordata B.Heyne ex Wall. ... POWO
Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
heart-leaved aspidopterys
  • dervied from the epithet cordata = heart-shaped in context of leaf
~~~~~ GUJARATI ~~~~~
ઘાટીવેલ ghativel
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
बोकडवेल bokadvel
माकडवेल makadvel
श्रीवेल shri-vel
~~~~~ TELUGU ~~~~~
ఎరికత erikata
~~~~~ x ~~~~~

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