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Gymnosporia puberula M.A.Lawson

Gymnosporia puberula M.A.Lawson

jim-no-SPOR-ee-uh -- Greek gymnos (naked); spora (seed); referring to the seeds that remain attached and exposed when the fruits dehisce
pub-ER-uh-luh -- with tiny hairs ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: Konkan spike thorn, unarmed spike thorn • Marathi: कोंकणी हेंकळ Konkani henkal

botanical names: Gymnosporia puberula M.A.Lawson ... homotypic synonyms: Maytenus puberula (M.A.Lawson) Loes. ... heterotypic synonyms: Gymnosporia gibsonii Kurz • Gymnosporia konkanensis Talbot • Maytenus gibsonii (Kurz) H.B.Naithani & S.Biswas ... POWO
Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
Konkan spike thorn
  • Flowers of India
  • this name coined for Gymnosporia konkanensis Talbot, which is now considered as synonym of Gymnosporia puberula M.A.Lawson
    Konkan = the region extending from the western coast to the Deccan plateau of India; spike thorn name given to most species of Gymnosporia / Maytenus; other variants: spikethorn OR spike-thorn
  • this species is endemic to Konkan region
unarmed spike thorn
  • this name coined for Gymnosporia puberula M.A.Lawson - which is an unarmed shrub compared to most other species of Gymnosporia of Western Ghats, including Gymnosporia konkanensis Talbot, which is now treated as synonym of Gymnosporia puberula M.A.Lawson
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
कोंकणी हेंकळ Konkani henkal
  • name given for want of name; कोंकणी Konkani = of or from Konkan; हेंकळ henkal = generic name given to many species of Gymnosporia / Maytenus
~~~~~ x ~~~~~
Celastraceae endemic shrub Gymnosporia Maytenus "Gymnosporia puberula" "Maytenus puberula" "Gymnosporia gibsonii" "Gymnosporia konkanensis" "Maytenus gibsonii" "Konkan spike thorn" "unarmed spike thorn"

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