Thursday 23 March 2023

Impatiens fasciculata Lam.

Impatiens fasciculata Lam.

im-PAY-shuns -- impatient; referring to the seed pod's habit of bursting open ... Dave's Botanary
fas-sik-yoo-LAH-tuh -- banded, bundled ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: fascicled-flower balsam

botanical names: Impatiens fasciculata Lam. ... homotypic synonyms: Balsamina fasciculata (Lam.) DC. ... heterotypic synonyms: Impatiens vivekananthanii J.R.N.Dessai & Janarth. ... POWO
Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
fascicled-flower balsam
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
no given name / no name found
~~~~~ x ~~~~~
Balsaminaceae endemic annual herb "Impatiens fasciculata" "Impatiens vivekananthanii" "fascicled-flower balsam"

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