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Dichapetalum gelonioides (Roxb.) Engl.

Dichapetalum gelonioides (Roxb.) Engl.

dy-kah-PET-uh-lum -- Greek: dicha (divided in two, twice or bifid) and petalum (petals) ... Dave's Botanary
¿ jel-oh-nee-OY-dees ? -- similar to features of genus Gelonium

commonly known as: gelonium poison-leaf • Assamese: ৰক্প লেটাক rockpo letak • Kannada: ಕಾಡು ತೆಂಗು kaadu tengu • Karbi: dinyraliarong • Malayalam: കാട്ടുകാപ്പിക്കുരു kattukappikkuru • Marathi: द्विपाकळी dvipakali • Tamil: ஜெலோனியம் நஞ்சு இலை jeloniyam nanchu ilai

botanical names: Dichapetalum gelonioides (Roxb.) Engl. ... accepted infraspecifics: Dichapetalum gelonioides subsp. andamanicum (King) Leenh. • Dichapetalum gelonioides subsp. gelonioidesDichapetalum gelonioides subsp. pilosum Leenh. • Dichapetalum gelonioides subsp. sumatranum Leenh. • Dichapetalum gelonioides subsp. tuberculatum Leenh. ... synonyms: Chailletia gelonioides (Roxb.) Bedd. • Moacurra gelonioides Roxb. ... POWO
Bibliography / etymology
~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
gelonium poison-leaf
~~~~~ ASSAMESE ~~~~~
ৰক্প লেটাক rockpo letak
  • Flora of Assam Vol I (Part II) by U N Kanjilal, P C Kanjilal, A Das
  • Many thanks to Brahmananda Patiri for help with this name ... facebook ... this name is used by the Miri (better known as Mishing) community ... ৰক্প লেটাক rockpo letak, literal meaning - limb of rooster
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
ಕಾಡು ತೆಂಗು kaadu tengu
  • Karnataka Biodiversity Board, 2019. FLORA OF KARNATAKA, A Checklist, Volume – 2: Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. 1 - 1002 (Published by Karnataka Biodiversity Board) ... ಕಾಡು ತೆಂಗು kaadu tengu, literal meaning - wild coconut
  • ತೆಂಗು tengu is also found spelt as ಟೆಂಗು tengu - both words mean coconut ... Alar - an authoritative Kannada-English dictionary corpus created by V. Krishna
~~~~~ KARBI ~~~~~
  • Flora of Assam Vol I (Part II) by U N Kanjilal, P C Kanjilal, A Das ... name used by the Karbi (also known as Mikir or Arleng) people of north-eastern India
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
കാട്ടുകാപ്പിക്കുരു kattukappikkuru
  • Wikipedia ... കാട്ടുകാപ്പിക്കുരു kattukappikkuru, literal meaning - wild coffee bean
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
द्विपाकळी dvipakali
  • name coined for want of name; द्विपाकळी dvipakali suggests petals being bilobed at apex
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
ஜெலோனியம் நஞ்சு இலை jeloniyam nanchu ilai
  • Tamil names of Botanical names by Yercaud Ilango ... ஜெலோனியம் நஞ்சு இலை jeloniyam nanchu ilai translates to gelonium poison-leaf
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