Monday 27 November 2023

Nothopegia beddomei Gamble

Nothopegia beddomei Gamble

¿ noth-oh-PEEJ-ee-uh ? -- Greek: nothos (false); pege (fountain) ... Dave's Botanary
BED-o-my -- named for Col Richard Henry Beddome, British botanist in India ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: Beddome's nothopegia • Kannada: ಅಂಬಟ ambata, ಉಳುಗೇರ ulugera • Malayalam: ഈര ira • Tamil: சிகட்டை cikattai, பேச்சேறு மரம் pecceru maram

botanical names: Nothopegia beddomei Gamble ... POWO, retrieved 26 November 2023
Bibliography / etymology
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~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
written and spoken widely, in most parts of India
Beddome's nothopegia
  • name coined, for want of name; name derived from the binomial; the commemorative epithet beddomei named after Colonel Richard Henry Beddome (1830 – 1911), a British military officer, naturalist in India, chief conservator of the Madras Forest Department ... Wikipedia
~~~~~ KANNADA ~~~~~
written in: Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ) ... spoken in: Karnataka
ಅಂಬಟ ambata, ಉಳುಗೇರ ulugera
  • BIOTIK (Biodiversity Informatics and co-operation in Taxonomy for Interactive shared Knowledge base)
~~~~~ MALAYALAM ~~~~~
written in: Malayalam (മലയാളം) ... spoken in: Kerala
ഈര ira
~~~~~ TAMIL ~~~~~
written in: Tamil (தமிழ்) ... spoken in: Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
சிகட்டை cikattai, பேச்சேறு மரம் pecceru maram
Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
~~~~~ Last updated: 27-11-2023 ~~~~~
Anacardiaceae tropical perennial evergreen tree "Nothopegia beddomei" "Beddome's nothopegia"

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